Memento – a water biodegradable urn, designed by Swedish design agency LOTS and manufactured by American company Passages International, has got the Red dot award for high design quality by the jury with its panel of highly respected experts.

Memento is an urn for burials at sea. It builds on the humanistic burial ceremony that disregards religious tradition and instead focuses on Man’s role in nature. The design is elegant, neutral and suitable for a broad target group, regardless of culture or religion. The urn is handmade from pressed recycled paper and dissolves in water over time. Thanks to the design it will float briefly on the water’s surface and then slowly sink to the bottom where it will dissolve completely. The urn is easily loaded from underneath and requires only a small amount of paper glue to securely close. Messages for the deceased may be written on the surface of the urn and small mementos and notes written on the handmade paper cards provided with the urn can be placed into the opening on top of the urn.