To find out what it’s like to live the Ten Prophecies in real life Lomography invites you to take part in a competition they have just started. Organised in two stages, Lomography will start on February 18th by handing out posters and stickers with their Ten Prophecies in their Gallery Stores and online. You will be asked to stick this poster to the most creative location you can think of and take an analogue photo to upload it onto the Lomography website. Three lucky winners will be sent on a trip to their sacred Lomography headquarters in Vienna. Stage two is still a secret but be prepared for a very creative challenge and a very interesting prize. They will send the winner of stage two on a trip around the world to visit every single Lomography Gallery Store that exists, like in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Paris, London or Los Angeles. So keep your eyes and shutters open for this competition.

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