With the development of Mobi by Andrea Ruggiero, Abstracta Great Workspaces contains a closely connected group of products that make working in a mobile, portable office much easier. The products enable a single person to reconfigure their work station to suit their changing needs in no time.

Mobi was born out of a recognised need for greater flexibility in today’s workspaces. For most organizations, the nature of work has changed quite radically in the last few years, with collaborative, team-based work becoming a common and essential aspect of the work landscape. At the same time, Mobi also addresses the need for privacy and sound attenuation in the office – which has become a pressing problem – especially in open-plan workspaces. The flexibility of Mobi is a metaphor for mobility, reflecting the increasingly mobile nature of work, where the fixed cubicle culture is becoming a relic of office planning – Andrea Ruggiero