For his first solo exhibition at HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design, emerging Australian lighting designer Flynn Talbot has developed a brand new interactive light product called X&Y. The object allows people to touch and control the power of the light. This not only creates a personal but also a very sensory experience. X&Y is not just an exploration of colour but, more importantly, it encourages the user to choose their own desired lighting effect.

The design of X&Y is deliberately minimal, making the light effect the central focus. The polished brass base contains all the LED’s and technology and is not connected to the the hand-blown opal glass sphere. The sphere simply sits on the base and is supported by a ring of felt. It can then be rolled in any direction to determine the intensity and colour of the light from the illuminated base. The object takes its name from the X&Y axes – the horizontal “X” axis controls the colour and the vertical “Y” axis the brightness. The sphere produces light in a range of cool to warm white tones and a full colour spectrum. Talbot’s new interactive light object is about pure light and an element of surprise with the only the lower hemisphere illuminating when rotated into the on position.

X&Y functions remarkable simply with no dimmers, no switches, no remote control, no instructions.

The simple, utilitarian exterior belies the complex technical LED system operating within the base of the product. Talbot has contemplated the idea of an interactive light object for several years, briding the fields of interactive design and product design. Only latest achievements in LED technology have enabled the optimal realisation of this design vision. X&Y, the White / Gold edition, is entirely handmade and produced in a strictly limited edition of 8+2AP, each individually signed and numbered. Measurements: ∅ 50×54.5 cm.


X&Y from flynntalbot on Vimeo.