Greenhouse has relocated to Circular Quay in Sydney – the most desirable address in Australia – for an eight-week stint. A temporary space, the pop-up bar and restaurant is housed in three 40ft shipping containers constructed from 100% recycled or sustainable materials.

Sustainability is not an empty trend term for the team behind the project; it’s the de facto day-to-day running of the operation. The building produces all its own power by turning oil into biodiesel as it promotes the virtuousness and desirability of organically produced food and recyclable materials in building design at one of the most visible locations in the country.

The installation designed by Joost features walls made from locally sourced plywood, and the floor – fashioned in a herringbone pattern – is made from recycled conveyer belts. Patrons drink sulfite-free wine out of jam jars, old Little Creature beer bottles are transformed into beer glasses and the chairs are made from odd ends of leather treated with vegetable dye and aluminium irrigation pipes.

The roof garden has the best views in town (as well as providing the herbs and vegetables for the restaurant). Once dusk falls and the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge light up, the warm, intoxicating Sydney air beckons patrons to drink in this most privileged of atmospheric experiences as the ferries traverse the wharf in the background.

The venue has a vibrant, energetic frisson, which can be attributed to the demeanour of its young, tattooed chef, Matt Stone (voted Best New Talent at the 2011 Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards), who for the launch ditched individual plates and cutlery and sent out chopping boards of local, seasonal produce like chili-seasoned almonds and soft, fresh, chevre cheese with succulent figs on heavenly, air-filled bread. The restaurant’s freshness ethos means only waste that can be composted is allowed onto the site.

Greenhouse is the place to go for locals and tourists alike and will be in Sydney until 31 March before packing up and heading to Milan, Berlin and London.

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