The iconic and architectural cross-leg structure is the main feature of the No Early Birds collection by Swedish design and architect Per Söderberg. Now it has been developed and stretched out to serve as the base for a couple of new products.

The response to my first furniture collection, last year’s ”No Early Birds”, was above all expectations. For this year I have continued my work in the same spirit, developing the unique cross-leg structure into new pieces of furniture, with greater variation. A box, new tables and stools have been added to the line, as well as a new cabinet, reminiscent of the Italian pastry shops I used to visit during my student years in Milan, says Per Söderberg.

The cabinet ”La Pasticceria” is inspired by the classic Milanese pastry shops that I saw during my student years in Italy. You find them all over Milan, and I used to admire their beautiful shop windows when passing them on my scooter.
In the evenings, the windows would be closed with a simple curtain, and during daytime they would be open to display all the delicious articles. Occasionally, when the temptation took over, I would stop and enter a shop, absorbing the noice, the smells, the atmosphere and the people, not to mention the pastries. It was as inspiring then as it is now, thinking back.

This lamp was originally custom made for a private residence in Stockholm. The house was published in leading interior design magazine Residence and featured on the cover of the book “Ljussätt ditt hem” (”Light your home”) by renowned Swedish light architect Kai Piippo.
Due to these publications I recieved a lot of requests from people wanting to buy the lamp. Now they can. The lamp can be mounted either in the ceiling or on the wall, as well as being used as a desk.

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