The new ASPLUND Collection has been inspired by the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, and the manner in which they evoke different moods and feelings. It will be showcased at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011.

TATI This series consists of a nest of tables — coffee table, side table and vanity table — all of which slide together beautifully. They are available as a set or as separates. The frames are made of lacquered metal and the tabletops are available in wood, leather, metal, carrara marble or slate. Designed by Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle.

ZOO An exclusive mini table designed with a set of unusual legs that resemble an animal walking. Available in solid brass, copper or stainless steel. At twenty centimetres high it can be used as a standalone coffee table or combined with other pieces. Designed by Eero Koivisto.

BREV ‘Brev’ means letter in Swedish, and this design literally looks like one. A tall locker for the hall or office, it can be used for storing shoes, gloves or mail. It is finished in fine leather that it will age well and retain its stylish patina. Designed by Emma Olbers.

PLAIN Vitrine in metal and compact laminate with leather handle. This modern design is inspired by traditional museum and classic dining room cabinets. Also available is a super minimalist dining table, finely crafted and elegant in compact laminate and wood. Designed by Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm.

KUB A mini vitrine for the most precious belongings, in lacquered metal with a thick crust in wood or carrara marble. Designed by Eva Lilja Lövenhielm.

WEST A variation on the EAST table presented last year. Incorporates a rectangular sideboard for magazines and books. Its compact space saving design makes it perfect for behind the sofa. Designed by Jessica Signell Knutsson.

NORTH A square coffee table, similar in feel to the WEST and EAST ranges, but in wood, with an irregular-shaped top in marble or glass. Designed by Jessica Signell Knutsson.

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