We envisioned a place for storytelling and play, for fantasy and travel with the mind, for children and adults alike, says Kasper Medin och Ulrika E. Engberg, designers at Little red stuga.

The challenge was to create something new and interesting around the beanbag concept, one of the world’s most appreciated and functional pieces of furniture ever designed. For this project we explored our own relationship and associations with mountains; namely Fuji, Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest. Each pattern and color is a result of our journey discovering them. At a close-up you find more details in the patterns, like climbers and base camps on Mount Everest, Kawaii figures on Fuji and tribal masks on Kilimanjaro. The height of each mountain is printed to add a pedagogical layer. Perfect for play and storytelling moments.

The poufs are made of a very durable canvas, colored and printed in Sweden. They consist of a separate cover and an inner pouf filled with polystyrene balls.

The rug Landscape completes the three mountains, and can be used together with one or several poufs, or simply as a rug by its own. Our hand drawn image becomes an aerial view of a landscape with fields, water, railways and roads and is a development of the traditional transportation rugs motifs. We have left more room for the child’s own imagination by not completing everything; the child decides if the road is blue or a river.

– Design is a carrier of stories and context, emotions and a tool to convey thoughtfulness, awareness and confidence in children. Spaces for children should be filled with creativity and encouragement to play. Last, but not least; children deserve toys, tools and environments of good quality. Lekolar shares our vision and that has enabled us to create these four pieces that we are truly proud to introduce today.

The products are produced and sold b2b by Lekolar from January 2011. Private consumers who are interested contact Little red stuga (Scandinavia only).