3 years in the making, the Molo chair is now launched for the Danish company Duba-B8. Molo is an easy to use and comfortable meeting and conference chair. The chairs in the Molo family is available with a runner frame and 4-leg base for canteen, meeting and conference areas and also includes a bar stool. Both the 4-leg and the runner frame is available with an armrest. Further versions are to be included in the family of chairs during 2012. The seating shell is made out of reusable ABS plastic and is introduced in 5 colours; black, white, lemon, violet and oyster white. For extra comfort one can add an especially designed felt cushion. All chairs are stackable.

Molo is designed by Norwegian design group Norway Says. Molo is most likely the last product from the design group since they decided to split up in the summer of 2009. Today the designers Andreas Engesvik, Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll work out of the designcompanys Andreas Engesvik Design and Anderssen & Voll.

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