The board of The Visual Arts Fund have granted the artist Lars Englund this years big scholarship of SEK 300.000.

Lars Englund builds his objects from equable parts that are connected to make up complex undulating shapes or spheres. The experimental streak in his artistry is always apparent. The elements and materials are renewed, the parts can look different, change, improve or be simplified. The seemingly simplest element consists of a stick where the holes or the attachment points are crucial to how the larger form can be built. The creative movement from notion, idea and outline to construction of a complex, but still very obvious spatial structure, is always perceptible in all its width. There is an odd invitation in Lars Englund’s works, to take one step further, to push towards the edge, the desire to open up the room anew, as if it was the first time.

The Visual Arts Fund’s big scholarship is rewarded active visual artists who, with a very high artistic level and quality, has been and are influental to new generations of artists.

The Visual Arts Fund is part of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the authority which distributes public funding to working artists within fields such as visual arts, music, theatre, dance and film.

Englund has over decades been one of Sweden’s most prolific and innovative sculptors. His works has been shown in a number of museums and galleries in Sweden as well as internationally over the years. In 2005, Moderna Museet in Stockholm granted him a large retrospective exhibition.