The spirit of Bauhaus in a collection of ultra-contemporary rings, PNKYRNG: under this code name, the Galerie BSL is exhibiting a collection for men and women created by the Lebanese architect and designer Dina Kamal. Rings with simple, refined, rational and thought-out lines, to be worn on the small finger, – a ‘pinky ring’ in English. A design which reinterprets a minimalist and chic version of the mythical signet ring with a variation of 18 carat brushed or polished gold tones: yellow; pink; beige; black; white.

‘Through the purity of its shape, reminiscent of geometric abstraction, and the attention paid to the correct proportions, PNKYRNG is a contemporary interpretation of Bauhaus aesthetics,’ emphasizes Dina Kamal. ‘I wanted to revisit, with respect to these codes, the signet ring which has always been a synonym of confidence, style and assertiveness.’ This ring worn by Roman dignitaries, then by kings, adopted in the 20th century by dandies, liberated women and avant-garde artists, brought up-to-date by rap icons, has had its distinguished simplicity restored.

The PNKYRNG Collection sets the revival of the pinky ring inspired by all its timeline, with its references to style and attitude.

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