K8 is a Norwegian design studio caring for our common global future. The Bell is the K8-result of the participation in the Beyond Light project being exhibited at the Beyond Risør designbiennale in Norway june 2010. K8 believe that the two billion poor people living off-grid (without electricity) deserve a good quality light. Bell has a cross cultural aestethics with its playful yet stylish design.

Bell can replace the highly inefficient and toxic kerosene lamp that causes the death of millions each year either in fires, or dies from lung cancer after inhaling toxic fumes. A proper light can also mean a higher level of security after sunset (for women especially.)

3  highly functional light modes in one: flashlight, ambient light/social light and adjustable task light. Batteries Normal 1,2V , 1200 mAh rechargeable batteries (Ni Mh) that can be bought anywhere in the world. To be changed every 2-3 years. LED technology gives a bright white light of good quality that consumes little energy (lasts approximately 50 000 hours).

Bell has a goos neck (flex-neck) which allows solar cell to always have an optimized angle towards the sun. No parts are glued, so the Bell can be taken apart and repaired by locals. You can recharge a cellphone from battery pack or directly from solar cell.

Bell is still a prototype but calculations tell that the price on this product should not be higher than 25-35 US$ out to end costumer. A Bell will cost around 3,5$ /year (first five years inclusive battery shift) where as a Kerosene lamp cost around 75-120$ /year.

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