Frigo by Goncalo Prudencio is a step towards the development of an outdoors fridge, which is aimed at finding an alternative way to refrigerate a container space to store domestic eatable goods, having the sun as the only energy source needed for making it work. The principle used is called Cooling by Evaporation, and along the way we came to understand that the technique we were exploring had already been coined Pot-in-Pot.

The premise:
to make available alternative ways to our daily home routines, that can contribute to a lesser impact on each individual carbon footprint.

The challenge was double:
1 – to chill down a container space during the hot Southern European Summer.
2 – to make it in a way that it would fit smoothly the daily routine of any European urban dweller.

Strictly empirical, with no design involved yet, and making use of readymades found in the market for testing the cooling principle, the research process came to a positive result: temperatures of 9ºC during Spring, and 12º during Summer.

You can download a contruction kit for building your own Frigo, and send your comments to GPOD. They will be useful on the design phase they are now entering.