Photographer Lisa Klappe and spatial artist Joachim van den Hurk detect decay, boredom and slackness in many people. Is that blatant decadence the price we have to pay for prosperity and the so-called individual freedom in which we live?

With the exposition Decadent Pigeons both (together and separate) hold up a mirror to us. From the parallels they discovered between the behavior of pigeons and people they drew the not very roseate conclusion that if we continue this way, we will end up being exactly as those birds, grey shadows, still further removed from out nature, dismally bored and scandalously discontented.


Their works of art are unequivocally blunt and direct. Static portraits, grubby film mountings and living sculptures do confront us with their black humor and their nearly perverse overtones. In that way, they create an ‘unheimisch’ feeling that in itself leads to an immediate reflective mood.


Decadent Pigeons opens September 09, 2010 until September 30, 2010 at Gallery Fort Pienc in Barcelona, Spain. In October 2010 Decadent Pigeons will under proviso move to the former textile factory De Ploeg near Eindhoven, The Netherlands for a special exposition during Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week.

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