eyola luxury

Eyola Fashion House was set up in 2008 after Eyola’s Masters in Milan and working under Alexander McQueen. Crowned as one of Vogue Italia’s up and coming talents last year, Eyola has been going from strength to strength.

Eyola has just launched E-Boutique where you can now shop Eyola’s designs in an unusual exclusive shopping format much like an auction.

E-Boutique is time-limited – on sale for only 8 short weeks. With each piece either a one-off or limited to a maximum run of eight in a particular fabric or colour. Every 8 weeks, a new set of designs will replace the designs still standing. I would like to introduce you to the first powerful yet feminine one-off and limited edition dresses to make a grand appearance at E-Boutique. From over 60 countries on the shipping list, bespoke and made to order service on request to complimentary signature Eyola box with each purchase; E-Boutique is the definition of E-luxury.


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