It is that time of the year when you want to hold on to the last summer days and to the summer light. Now it is possible!

This lamp, designed by Swedish designer Jesper Jonsson, is charged during the day through solar power to provide energy to light up the lamp when it gets dark. To light the lamp, you unfold the shade through a twisting motion. This allows it to be small and portable when you want to carry it with you, but still have a bigger surface to emit light on when needed. A strap with magnets allows you to hang the lamp in many different ways, whether its opened or closed.


It is designed to provide mood lighting in an outdoors environment, to let us continue social activities outside when it gets dark. For example on the balcony, on a boat, or hang it on your bikes handlebar when having the fall picnic!


This is a post by David Report contributor Hanna Ljungström.

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