Eliumstudio is pursuing its search for industrial elegance with Ceramic Art in the world of household electrical appliances which continues to resemble tableware. This time with the producer Rowenta. Initiated with the metal and wood Silver Art series dedicated to breakfast-time, eliumstudio has today revolutionised ceramic for one of the very first uses of this noble yet unstable material, for a large scale series.


The tiny variations inherent to the firing of the ceramic made, for example, the safety tests necessary for this type of product very unpredictable. A constraint resolved by the designers thanks to the elastomer lid which compensates the small margin between the pieces and permits the kettle to be knocked over without any scalding liquid being projected. With a design which preserves the smoothness of the material it avoids the tendency towards rustic, the result therefore meets the studio’s expectations: aesthetically Ceramic Art passes indifferently from the kitchen to the table: that is from the status of a preparation appliance to an element of contemporary service (the kettle is moreover sold with two mugs). A new level has been reached which confirms eliumstudio as the best representative of French decorative refinement on the scale of industrial product design.