Tokyo-based design company Kawamura Hideo Activity has recently started the online website OTETE & ANYO that produces an original stamp of baby’s tiny hand and foot print under the original design label Rezon.


The word “OTETE & ANYO” are lovely nickname for baby’s hand and foot in Japanese language. They are only original stamps in the world that engraved handprint or footprint that is within defined size (H.127mm × W. 89mm) in real size. Not only using a simple stamp that can be stamped on papers and letters, but also they can be used for lifelong memorial such as birthday present, baby gift and more.

rezon In addition, the most unique point of “OTETE & ANYO” is it has broard utility that once the object is stamped, it would be a new memorial item such as stamping hand or foot print on the cards for sending to your relatives & friends to let them know baby’s birth, keeping growth record on diary or notebook, etc. “OTETE & ANYO” is a new gift for babys & parents and completely different from the usual baby gift with using hand & footprint like a floor-standing display.


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