For its opening, BSL gallery will present never-before-shown pieces by Djim Berger, the alchimist of porcelain. Djim Berger‘s ‘Lightweight Porcelain’ collection literally reinvents an age-old material to propose a version that is tough and light. To achieve this he uses a mix of 1/3 clay and 2/3 polystyrene pearls: an exploit in technique that even old hands thought was impossible, the quantity of the addititive material being so important. When the piece is fired, the heat eliminates the polystyrene to reveal the porcelain, which is visually and sensually renewed. The technique is comparable to a honeycomb structure, in which unlikely components combine surprisingly to achieve strength and lightness – qualities much sought after in innovative furniture design.


BSL gallery is producing the ‘Lightweight Porcelain Stool’ in four exclusive colours (series limited to 10 + 2 AP per colour), and the ‘Lightweight Porcelain Bench’, a totally off-beat piece that pushes back the limits of design research (8 + 2 AP). Address for BSL gallery is Galerie BSL is 23 rue Charlot in Paris. The exhibition opens on May 7 and contains pieces from designers like Nacho Carbonell and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance as well.

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