As a natural continuation of launching a little more than a year ago, the marketplace for Modern Design now opens up for private individuals to sell their designer items on the site.

“We have received many inquiries from private individuals wanting to sell their objects on Deconet, so this feels like a logical step in making Deconet a true marketplace for vintage Modern Design”, says Deconet’s CEO Carl Schalling.

With Deconet Private Ads, there is now a place to go for those of you with important designer furniture and decorative arts to sell. Deconet has a high-quality audience from all over the world prepared to pay the right price for the right object. The website is clean and easy to navigate with none of the clutter you find on eBay, Craigslist or any general classified ads site.

For those uncertain of the origin and correct price level for their object, a Deconet Certfied ad offers help to get your object identified and valuated before listing it on Deconet.

Deconet will accept objects by known designers and manufacturers, but also decorative objects with unknown origin that they like and that they think are relevant to their user base.

“Maintaining the high quality on the site is very important to us. However – good design and high quality does not necessarily mean high price. We want everyone to be able to find something on Deconet”.

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