POUR is a new launch by Lina Öhlund Karboub for Swedish Reijmyre Glasbruk. The design, already available as a vase, is now being completed with a carafe and a glass. POUR is a series of multipurpose glass items and, as implicated in the name (“pour in English/ “for” in French), the purpose is decided by the end user. The glass is equally suitable for juice, water and drinks and due to its coupe shape it also serves excellently as a wine glass. Timeless and elegant design makes POUR a collection to enjoy, both in everyday life and on festive occasions.

Reijmyre Glasbruk was established in 1810. Great importance is attached to design, aesthetics and function, as well as to the maintenance of the unique handicraft tradition. All glass produced by Reijmyre is handmade, with the empolyment of old techniques requiring great skill and experience. Today the Reijmyre collections are being complemented with new, modern series of glassware, developed by the most talented young designers in Sweden.


Lina Öhlund Karboub was educated at the Swedish College of Arts and Crafts “Konstfack”. In her work as an industrial designer she has specialized in concept development and food-related design. She has worked with international clients such as Tafelstern and Iittala. Together with her partner, Jenny Fossum, she is now running the the Stockholm based design agency TRUE Creative Direction and Design. POUR is her third collection for Reijmyre Glassbruk.