We thought it could be good timing to remind about our latest in-depth report called Time to Rethink Design the day before the start of the Milan Design Week.

Has Design reached its sell by date?

Have we not fulfilled Design’s 20th Century’s mission to market, style, brand, and added value, to innovate and to experiment through design? Is it not time to pause and rethink, and question why, before we react the same way in the 21st Century?

We are increasingly dwelling in a created world, and for over half the world’s population this is the environment of the designed metropolis. Do we need any more, can we desire much less?

Let’s face it; design is now a major source of pollution, as process and a phenomenon, design has degenerated into a state of aesthetic proliferation that has reached accumulative and destructive levels, in terms of loss of meaning, value, and identity.

The result is a vacancy of purpose, a world full of ‘designer jetsam and flotsam’ that is swilling around or embedded into or above our planet; poorly designed products, unwanted solutions, unfriendly materials, and a mutli-choice of artefacts that are discarded as fast as they were adopted.

A lot of us (David Report included) are going to the Milan Design Week, but still the question is – do we actually need another chair?

Journalist Alice Rawsthorn is touching the subject as well in a New York Times article from yesterday named Furniture Designers are shifting focus.

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