FLAP is a lamp by Valerio Cometti and V12 Design for Zucchi Collection which will be presented during the Milan Design Week 2010. The exhibition is called “Il Passato Rinnovato 1785-2010” and 10 artists and designers will reinterpret the antique hand blocks from the Zucchi Collection. The address is Via Ugo Foscolo 4.


Here some words from Valerio Cometti about the project.

Zucchi Collection is a journey. A journey across time, across manufacturing history, across fashion and materials: I close my eyes and I see frames crowded with people, stories, patience, skills, love and pride for their own work. Tens of thousands of patterns and motifs witnessing the evolution of taste, of costumes, of culture and habits.

Whilst examining such precious archive, I perceived an unexpected sense of dynamism and it made me feel like rendering it through my new floor lamp called Flap. Conventional shape and materials meet a lampshade that has been “upset” by movement and dynamism. Such classic lampshade has been “hit” by a wave of energy that has turned it into 16 blades or flaps of precious linen, that display each one a different pattern. The whole lamp, in fact, becomes like a luminous journey across Zucchi Collection: each flap is a frame and ideally like in the first experiments from the Lumière brothers, the combination of light and the sequence of the frames create the movement, bringing an extraordinary collection to life and that is the homage I wanted to pay to it. Through the use of steel, linen and a low-consumption light bulb, Flap proves to be a modern and environmentally friendly product.

Flap is a new design of mine, that I wanted to dress with the Zucchi Collection: the lampshade distinctive geometry is extremely hard and astonishingly time consuming to manufacture and the same goes for the fabric flaps, that have been each one printed by hand. This experience made me enjoy the taste of craftsmanship, a unique chance in these times of serial productions.

Light, movements, flow of time and ever changing taste: Flap is an open tribute to the value of Zucchi Collection.

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