Rowdy is a new seating system from David design (a company which I founded back in 1988, and ran until I left it in the mid 00s). Rowdy is designed by Peter Andersson and Matti Klenell.

The idea behind the product is simple; with inspiration from various examples of how the fashion world succeds in combining design value and brand experience with a competitive price, Matti and Peter created a simplified, almost geometrical set of seating tools. The different blocks can be combined in many ways thus creating a seating landscape.

In order to obtain a price positioning that would allow more people to buy the chair the design is simplified, almost unsophisticated by purpose, in order to minimalize use of material and  to make it uncomplicated to produce and transport.

The character and the design of the chair, aswell as the concept in itself, is well described through the product name;  Rowdy means

row·dy (rou’dē)

n.   pl. row·dies

A rough, disorderly person.

adj.   row·di·er, row·di·est

Disorderly; rough: rowdy teenagers; a rowdy beer party


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