Don´t get confused, NoEarlyBirds is not a newly discovered species. It is the name of a new Swedish furniture manufacturer and the result of a 10 year old dream of architect Per Söderberg and creative director Peter Simonsson to create a brand that reflects their personal believes regarding design and lifestyle.

With over 20 years of working experience in the fields of interior design, architecture and the fashion industry, they now felt the time was right to realize their vision based on the values emotional, inspirational, uncompromising and honesty. The first collection by NoEarlyBirds goes by the name of “New Habits”. A system of shelves, tables, benches and a stool based on an ingenious cross-leg structure inspired by the distinctive shape of a birds leg.


The almost obvious, yet innovative design and the ambition to create an extensive and coherent collection with interesting colours, materials and detailing – this is what makes the whole just as interesting as the parts.

“With the New Habits collection I wish to encourage new ways of furnishing homes and public spaces, while at the same creating timeless furnitures that age with beauty”, says Per.

We want to be able to control every step of the production and we have been extremely careful in the choice of materials and finishes regarding quality and environmental impact. To produce in Sweden was therefore a natural choice.


Per Söderberg holds a degree from the Domus Academy, Milan. Among his former projects you’ll find the storage system Funk, private houses, shops, restaurants and office interiors for clients such as Moschino, J.Lindeberg and Orrefors. Peter Simonsson has formerly worked at David Design, Adidas and Björn Borg among others. Design agency Kurppa PHA and photographer Peter Gehrke are also involved in the project.


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