The Happy Four is a new band from Malmö Sweden. I’m actually one of the members, playing the guitar! Back in the early nineties we released a couple of albums for EMI under the name Love Kings (we are 4/5 of that band now). The songs Kill Me and Happy are produced by Tore Johansson (known for his great work with Franz Ferdinand, Cardigans etc).

You can listen at both Kill me and Happy at our MySpace page. Please join our Facebook page as well!

Here’s a text about the release:

Whatever makes you happy

A recent article in the New York Times claimed there are more different indie-music genres than there are bands. It might be true.
We are nieching ourselves more and more. To invite people for dinner has become an adventure, you have to make sure who’s vegetarian, who’s hypersensitive to gluten or lactose, who’s vegan etc. The Olympic sports have multiplied. Buying olive oil at the super market either requires a degree or a personal shopper.

People enjoy development.

The Happy Four is a great example! They’ve created their own niche, yes, yet another one. While listening to their first single you can make out influences from The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground as well as contemporary ones from Bon Iver and Dirty Projectors.
As a crucible of sorts, without any comprehension of what is considered appropriate.
A band where STEFAN BERG has taken storytelling from his various documentaries including Svenstorp Blues, Rolling like a stone and Pojkar and where DAVID CARLSON conveys his sense of aesthetics which has earned him success with David Design, among other things. Along with LEIF JOHANSSON on base and ROBERT FEKETE on organ. Together they also make out four fifths of that which was once LOVE KINGS, the black sheep of EMI.

A new band from Malmö, with well-known members and guaranteed new music. In which genre would you place them? Mumblecore? Freak-folk? Ambient doom-metal?

Or, the other way around, if all that techno-disco-goth-plastic surgery-mumblecore-freak-folk-ambient doom-metal-eight-bit-facebook-mumbo jumbo was only a bad dream? And you woke up next to your loved one, opened a window towards the world outside, went to the kitchen and put some nice leaven bread in the toaster, fried two eggs and squeezed a couple of oranges while brewing epically strong coffee AT THE SAME TIME as you were listening to two great songs by a new band from Malmö.

Would THAT make you happy?



Photo Charlotte Carlberg Bärg, graphic design Truls Bärg.