In the coming exhibition at Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm Mikael Olsson has delved into the legacy of Bruno Mathsson, one of Sweden’s most important Modernist designers and architects.

Frösakull is a house Mathsson both designed and lived in. Olsson interacted with the remains of the house, and just as Mathsson he experimented with the house and its possibilities. The result is a collection of images wich shows us an arrangement of an architectonic legacy. Olsson has arranged and transformed the rooms into a stage, only using props like light, emptiness and shadows.

The Södrakull residence, which had been closed off since the Mathssons’ passed away, Olsson approached in a different way, as a voyeur. It is photographed from the outside and through half-drawn curtains. With this method Olsson creates a feeling of frozen memories.

In this body of work Olsson has created an interplay between presence and absence, inner meaning and representation, turning the very notion of the human gaze inside out. The images are marked both by sober objectivity and by tenderness. Together, they form a sort of portrait, as well as a chronicle of architecture, remembrance and ageing. For this reason the photographs cannot be considered documentary but instead a very subjective depiction of Mathsson’s public and private legacy.

This project includes an impressive monograph, published by Steidl Verlag, to be released later this fall. The book includes texts by Beatriz Colomina, Hans Irrek and Helena Mattsson. Designed by Acne Art Department and Mikael Olsson.

The exhibition Södrakull Frösakull takes place 9 January – 14 February 2010.


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