The White Briefs is a brand new range of compelling everyday items with vital generosity and a honest sensitivity. After trying to find a well-balanced product in the landscape of aestheticism, function and understated commercialism the founders of The White Briefs found nothing. “The White Briefs vision is clear, to meet the customers with a new range of compelling everyday items,” says Peter Simonsson, one of the founders and Creative Director of The White Briefs. “The hybridism of underwear and casual wear makes sense in our own way. We aim to invigorate the perception of the business.”

The White Briefs takes social and environmental responsibility and delivers a high quality product in all aspects. Organic farming is a production method that not only respects human health and the environment, but is also a model of sustainable development, that improves the quality of the resources of local communities, helping them face global competition.

“For me it all started with the wish to create the ultimate pair of briefs, pure, white and in a high quality organic cotton.” says Peter Simonsson. “It’s also the reason why we developed “other briefs” such as: T-shirts, baggy jersey pants, kimonos, long singlet and panties.” And more is to be expected.

The White Briefs’ HQ is located in the surroundings of the breathtaking landscape of Österlen, an area from which the founder and creative director Peter Simonsson also origins. For The White Briefs, humanity, quality and 360 degrees of new thinking solutions are the key ingredients. The White Briefs uses ICEA certificated fabrics.