It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s höst, it snows. Shorter, dark days that magically turn out to be eternal within the office walls. Awake, you dream. And dreaming, you wonder when did you start yawning, when did you stop fighting, when did you wake up from your illusions, when responsibility did kill the game. Some might argue that designer toys are demodé, while they are hotter than ever for others. My personal view is simple: playing never hurts. Imagination and hope are still alive in that kid, hidden deep beneath our skin. Isn’t a little figurine a tiny fee to pay, as long as it brings back what we lost, somewhere in the past?

Hidden under a black hat is a believer who never stopped playing, who toured around the world, who fought to make his dream real. A dream that started, 5 years ago, as “the somewhat strange idea of merging keys with robots“. A dream,  to launch very soon as Keybotz™, where art melts with a dash of industrial design to crystallize into a Keybot™.


A Keybot™ is a 2.5-inch small figurine that, besides looking splendid in your book shelf can be used as a container for your keys and can be carried around in your bag, your pocket, around your neck, etc. – Just place one key in each of its arms and it will be your faithful key servant forever!

Their diary tells the whole story about the attempt to put Sweden into the designer toy universe, unknown artists into the public domain and your imagination to work – by letting you create your own designs in the DIY version.


Destroy monotony, turn consumption into proactive creation. Sounds good, huh? Cheers for them and, best of luck for this tiny Scandinavian venture. Starting small is a giant first step to spread the spirit.

This is a post by the David Report contributor Claudia Muñiz García.