The magazine from the event DesignBoost 2009 – Design for Life has just been published online. You can view it in fullscreen by clicking on it above. Among the contributing writers are Jennifer Leonard, Kristina Dryza, Martin Hoenle, Brent Richards, Kristina Börjesson and Katarina Graffman, Vanessa Gandy, Magnus Lindkvist and Kristin Heinonen. The BoostChat and BoostTalk of the event took place October 14-15. The BoostShow is open until November 14.

This is the manifest for the event:

It’s time to rethink design. To create long time value instead of short time profit. To build the future on generosity instead of greed. We need optimism, new spirit and change! We need Design for Life.

Design for Life is all about how we can create better lives for the many. How we plan, produce, deliver and consume everything from cities, transportation and infrastructure to food, entertainment, products and brands. Together we have a joint responsibility. We can all make a difference.

Design is always about humans – about satisfying needs, solving problems and attracting us towards new experiences. This implies that great design often is founded on a social and cultural perspective. Unfortunately design has partly turned into a major source of pollution. Just look at everything modish and the hunt for newness. A big part of the industry are focusing on more when we actually need better.

Design for Life is about concern and cooperation. Even a long journey starts with a first step. Doing something is always better than nothing.


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