On 25th September, H&M kicked off with the natural brand extension for a retailer: To jump from apparel to home textile and accessories.

However, instead of creating “yet another H&M to dress your HoMe” – i.e. ZARA home – they went for a risky brand reinforcement via a pantone-inspired and impressively cool showroom installed in their space in central Stockholm.


Climb upstairs and scan through the planned shows for the season, to you get a metallic palette.


Explore the open space where things are displayed in a art gallery-like manner and stick magnetic colors (one for each item to purchase) to your card.


Sold out item? No magnets left.


Changed your mind? Just leave the no-longer-wanted in the magnet parking.


Craving for more? Address to the color library that contains anything available though not present in the first show.


Don’t forget to drop by… Pay and get your stuff!


Home reflections is the first show called. I agree. There’s a lot to reflect on how this brand new experience of interior design moves a step beyond, from the familiar ikea-like environment, to a creative environment, where the customer becomes both critic and creator of his own oeuvre.

This is a post by the David Report contributor Claudia Muñiz García.

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