Ralston & Bau is working together with Fretex (norwegian salvation army) to create re-designs made out of their old products. To re-use objects putting them in a new context, makes not only a sustainable impact, it also gives new live to objects that tell a story.

During the last ReDesign Summer Camp Ralston & Bau made their first redesign series; Tekannelampe (tea pot light) & Ståltrådlysestake (steel wire candle holder). All products are handmade in house.


The “Tekannelampe” is made out of old tea pots, garden pottery, bowls and lamp shades. The cable flows out from the spout, while the handle invites to carry the lamp around.


The “Ståltrådlysestake” is made out of old lamp shades. Only strong lines describe the shape, seeking simplicity.

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