Bohento is the newborn catching everyone’s eye in the Spanish fashion scene. Those attending their presentation back in February 2008, during the opening of El EGO de Cibeles – the young side of Madrid’s Catwalk – were astonished by a new flair for dramatic simplicity and an architectonic balance of texture, volume and shape. “A tearing eye on the shallowness of life” that takes a step beyond, leaving behind old-fashioned Spanish stereotypes to channel atemporal quality to enlighten daily looks for a long while.


The brand’s seams hide two promesas: Pablo de la Torre and Cuca Ferrá. Artists prior to seamstresses, as unveiled by their mixed backgrounds: Pablo “leverages his fashion degree upon an education on architecture and graphic design (…)” while Cuca “draws inspiration from Fine Arts to her love for leather (a material in which she specialized her fashion training on)”

Both are multifaceted diamonds that combine Bohento with solo endeavors. Pablo focuses on haute-couture that span from hats to dresses for selected customers (sold under his own name) while Cuca investigates new posibilities, techniques and materials while engraving and teaching painting.


Delicacy is a charm on their visual branding. The pale shaded typographic logo is seasoned with equally minimalistic photography that recreates a girl next door in an empty space with a turned off  Tv. The lack of bespoken luxury, explicit erotism and pretentiousness speaks loud to the subconscient – could be you, it’s your story to tell – so the clothes become the person’s accessory rather than prevailing its identity.


This turns the unsustainable “so last year” into a rational “so me”. It’s still to see it the message doubles success, during their consecutive opening of next EGO’s catwalk, S/S 2010 to be held next September.

This is a post by the David Report contributor Claudia Muñiz García.


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