Reflect is a new mobile generative-art application by artist/technologist, Joshua Davis. Using color and form swatches by Joshua you can produce random, generative art pieces and play with them in a Kaleidoscope.

It’s a bit of a movement going on with Brian Eno (Bloom), Andreas Muller (For All Seasons), Reality Jockey (RjDj). Sideways and Joshua Davis are proud to join a pioneering community of individuals who view mobile devices and their increasingly rich, human interfaces (multi-touch) as a curious canvases for creative expression.  In the way that the mobile first provided spatially-dislocated impulsive communication, these powerful mobile creative tools allow spontaneous creativity to blossom regardless of where or who you are.  So much current application development emphasizes improving your efficiency, we applaud these efforts to improve your creative soul.

“In my work I derive huge satisfaction from creating discrete shape and color palettes and then writing algorithms that assemble the pieces into randomized, whole compositions.  Chance is not always pretty, but it is fun.  Take a walk, or rather design, in my shoes” says Joshua Davies.

The Sideways Guarantee: Reflect won’t improve your productivity, but it will enhance your soul…

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