The Degree Exhibition at Konstfack, University college of arts, crafts and design in Stockholm presents the 2009 degree students: artists, designers, craftsmen and art teacher educators. For the first time in Konstfack’s history you can see all the degree projects at the same time.

We picked the Growing chair by Michel Bussein as an example.


Below is his Nature Manifesto:

Having evolved from nature, we have gradually differentiated ourselves from it.
Modern society has come to build itself on the perception that nature and man are separated.
This differentiation has come to inhibit us and our way of creating.
We have now reached the point when the way forward is going back.

We have to accept that we and everything we create are part of nature.
This mindset is essential for evolution as a whole.
When applying this to our way of thinking we will liberate ourselves from stagnated conventions.

To move further we need to incorporate the living matter that surrounds us.
Let us use the complexity of living nature and include it in our creations.
These creations will then redefine the way we reconstruct nature.
Only then will we truly move forward.

It is time for man and nature to reunite.

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