iMove is a lifestyle iPhone application for people who like to dance or express themselves through dancing. The main purpose of my project has been to create an application that stands out as a fashionable accessory among the vast amount of applications available in the app store today. iMove exudes freshness and innovation! 

The target group I have chosen to focus on is people aged 15-30 years. People in the audience have passion for modern technology and new media. Other words that reflect the target group’s interests are music, design, and entertainment.


iMove application is playing a basic beat in the start so that you are encouraged to start dancing. When you start moving, you create music according to various body movements. At the same time you’re iPhone is recording your movements with the accelerometer in the phone and create an animation with graphic pattern. When you have finished dancing, you can listen to the music you have created and watch the graphic pattern of how you have danced.

The iMovie application is designed by Elma Cavalic and is on exhibition at FORM/DESIGN Center in Malmö until the 7th of June.

Watch a short movie about the project below:

Ping Intressant.se

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