Furniture made for children are ether small versions of furniture for adults, or they tend to have strong colours and crazy shapes that leaves little space for imagination. These different design categories became the starting point for a new furniture concept. The aim for Please design was to create furniture that could work in a space that adults and children share while keeping a playful spirit. Giving the furniture strong characters without being gender orientated.

MyAnimo bench and A4 screen wall are lightweight furniture for children from 3 to 6 years old. They are inspired by the way children see the world. MyAnimo’s abstract shape wants to encourage imagination and can be a hippo as well as a cave. They can be connected together to create a longer curved bench or a tunnel.


A4 screen wall has got it’s name and proportions from a standard paper. The different cuts gives a playful expression and makes them easier to carry. The screen wall can give privacy for bedtime stories or become a house or a fort during play.

The felt is a good sound absorbent and has a warm tactile feeling. The material is mouldable polyester made from recycled PET. Both A4 and MyAnimo can be stacked tightly and take little space when stored away.


As a part of the concept a kids book was developed together with illustrator Ingrid Wållgren. The book tells the story about MyAnimo and A4 and encourage children and adults to recycle PET bottles.

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