For Spring-Summer 2010 Masataka Matsumura – Giuliano Fujiwara’s creative director – draws inspiration from current time; in reaction to crisis and global recession the key word, around which the new collection is conceived, is “concreteness”. The overall image, therefore, will be strong and masculine, with several military details, and extremely clean.


Silhouettes are geometric, rigorous at times, but more often details and colours break them. Zips, cuts, multiple layers and slashes are all used to create a dynamic effect. Neutral or dark shades – such as pearl grey, taupe, black – are mixed with a flow of strong, primary colours: acid yellow, cherry red, electric blue.


Proportions often go oversize: T-shirts – at times worn inside-out  – jackets and shorts, a key item of the collection, they all look loose and comfortable. Materials are extremely light – even at touch – and natural, but they often undergo innovative technological treatments.


Once again accessories play a relevant role. Sneakers in bright colours that paint also the thick rubber soles, sporty nubuk laced up shoes and ankle boots and shiny black leather laced up styles, to add a touch of formal elegance to casual outfits.