Swedish experimental design group APOCALYPSE presented four new products made from materials with history at the DMY design festival in Berlin last week.

The Pot and Shelf Torso uses a few of the 360 million tires consumed yearly in the EU. As pots and shelves, the tires get a new life.  The material is made by granulated tires ground into a powder which is mixed with recycled plastic. The binding is reinforced with a patented molecule. More than 95 % of the content is made from recycled materials and it can be recycled over and over.

The Lamp Blob is made from start clumps from the plastic industry. In order to adjust the the machinery some of the melted plastic becomes waste and is by APOCALYPSE given a second life as lamps.


The Parquet Multicolour Herringbone is also made from recycled car tires and plastic packages. This new version comes in five different colours.

The Soap Original and Perfume is made of reused cooking oil from falafel kitchens. The Soap is redefining the concept of luxury and questioning animal and other dubious cosmetic ingredients. The Soap Original is neither perfumed nor coloured and has a light old-fashioned soap scent thanks to the saponification process. The Soap Perfume is scented with our own organic perfume Ultra Fresh Bakery Bouquet.

Ping Intressant.se

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