The cultural clash between East and West during World War I in the Middle East inspires Les Hommes for Spring-Summer 2010. The movie that better depicts this theme and the epic atmosphere of that period is LAWRENCE OF ARABIA: the almost mystic experience of entering the desert and being transformed and deeply affected by the influence of local tribes – yet holding strongly onto western colonial traditions – gives shape to this collection.


Outfits are a perfectly balanced synthesis of clothes stolen from tribal cultures and key items from a western male wardrobe. Trousers volumes – super wide – are enhanced by fluid, shiny fabrics. Jackets and light over coats are oversized, and rich in military details, whereas materials recall ethnic accents. A series of T-shirts – as well as the 3 women’s silhouettes hitting the runway –  are reminiscent of  the traditional wrapping technique of Beduin tribes. The uniforms of western troops inspire the new suits, with their extra slim proportions, as well as the colour palette, that seems to include uncountable shades of beige.


Silhouettes are always monochrome, in respect of the military “dress code”; shades go from sand to taupe, with touches of black, to recreate, even through colours, the desert environment. Unusual combinations of materials: silk, soft suede and extra light nylon are used for finishings and details. Modern materials combined with ethnic or historical inspirations contribute to define the “modern nostalgic” mood that embodies Les Hommes style.


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