Never Use White Type on a Black Background: And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules is a new and interesting book from Bispublishers.

The world of fashion and design is inundated with a seemingly endless list of rules. Think of ‘Less is More’, ‘Form Follows Function’, ‘Keep it Simple’, ‘Dress Your Age’ and the list goes on and on. They’re familiar sayings that some designers consider to be valuable words of wisdom, which serve as a guiding line and source of inspiration.
To others, these rules are mere restrictions: design dogmas and fashion formulae that need to be bended, twisted or broken altogether.

Granted, creativity knows no bounds and therefore it seems rather ridiculous to restrict that creativity by sticking to a couple of age-old rules. However, in some cases the rules seem more like the basic principles that every designer should love, honor and obey.
Never Use White Type on a Black Background And 50 other Ridiculous Design Rules collects 51 famous and obscure design rules that are accompanied by chronologically placed quotes (courtesy of designers, architects, fashion designers, typographers and other creatives) and an image that either negates or supports the rule.

Whichever side of the fence you yourself are sitting on in the rules debate, you’re bound to find this book a source of inspiration, comfort, joy or just good old fun. Enjoy.