How do you integrate a basket in the handlebar? That was the question the Danish based design company Goodmorning Technology asked themselves when developing the city bike concept for New York Department of Park & Recreation. They wanted a basket that would be at the
bike the whole time and that never could be stolen or lost. In the New York Bike project phase they developed the special integrated handlebar that will help many a biker from now one!


The bike porter is made of tubes and is as easy to put on your bike as a normal handlebar. Goodmorning Technology has developed a whole range in many colors and with integrated designed bags if you wish! The patent is filled out the and all intellectual property belongs to Goodmorning Technology. The bike porter is perfect for fixies and other street bikes as well as standard bikes.

The basket will from now one never be stolen, easy destroyed and at the same time, the designed bags are easy to fill up in the shops and take along. You can also use your own bag, laptop or whatever you need!


Goodmorning Technology has showed it before with the New York City bike, but this is first time as a single product without the bike.

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