o4i – office4ideas is a Stockholm based product design company. At the Milan Design Week they will present Diagonal, manufactured, marketed and sold by Finnish office furniture manufacturer Martela.

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa and space divider for public indoor spaces. It was designed to meet the needs of modern working environments and waiting areas which demand flexibility and privacy.
Diagonal consists of two basic elements: a padded seat and a screen that can be placed as desired in the diagonal grooves in the padded seat. Although there are only two elements, they can be combined in almost endless ways. 
By using as a single module or combining several of the elements, Diagonal becomes a relaxed setting for small meetings, a private corner for important phone calls or a stylish lobby landscape.

The starting point of the Diagonal design was our changing work environment with a greater need for flexibility. Notebook computers, wireless networks and mobile phones has meant that we are no longer tied to a desk and our day often consists of small, informal meetings. Diagonal offers a pleasant and informal environment for such meetings, and create at the same time visual and acoustic privacy. This feature makes Diagonal also very suitable for environments that requires temporary seating; from universities and airports to malls and individual shops.


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