Here follows a couple of projects by Swedish designer Monica Förster that will be launched at the Milan Design Week 09.


Cappellini presents in cooperation with Liljeholmens  and designer Monica Förster, a unique candle for the 2009 Milan design week. The stearin candle has a stylish character and is even more beautiful in formations or in pairs. The candle is 75 cm long and fits most standard size candle holders.


This upholstred lounge chair has a light organic structure. The charactere is created by a quilted pad on the inside of the chair. Legs in satin dull chrome finish.


With the WING pendant lamp Monica Förster has designed a poetic lamp with moving floating birds around a light assymetric structure. The movement of the birds creates shadows on the surrounding environment and a feeling of weightlessness. WING pendant lamp is made of acrylic bars with birds in metal.




The world’s first ergonomic office chair for women called Lei by Officeline.

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