Celebrated designer Michael Young is showcasing the world premiere of  his latest industrial innovations during the ART HK 09 Hong Kong International Art Fair. 


This new concept viewing will be hosted by The Pawn, a modern British bar & eatery, the installation will be debuted on May 14. Young’s installation called ‘LINK’ is an inventive system designed to capture and exemplify the strengthening of ties between local industry and design. It also demonstrates that local industries can build their brands through quality and creativity. 


The installation is being acclaimed as a ‘stunning example of Chinese industry awaking to the importance of working with creative minds’. It is the prototype of an evolving artwork that is scheduled to tour the world. 

‘LINK’ is also being produced in very limited quantities as a table concept in co-operation with advanced aluminum and carbon fiber component manufacturers in South China. Essentially a table to begin with, LINK can be grown organically into vast structures.

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