Quickly after opening a tiny door to Södermalm, Stockholm”s bohemian ‘hood, Samba Sushi crushes the new wave on what it takes to be considered the best its kind in this fish-savvy city.


While outstanding asian tends to be a synonym for appealing interior design, one will find neither fancy salons, nor hipster cocktails in here, just a hidden story to give reason for being so honestly amazing.


The main chef, Tito Wahlström, was brought up among happy fishes as son of Stockholm’s Aquarium manager. He crafted a careful raw touch during years in Hasseluden‘s kitchen, a japanese-inspired spa close to Stockholm.


This is boosted in combination with his brazilian roots, burning both in hidden spicy touches as well as in the blowtorch, firing innovative finishes to an unseen range of rolls showcased in the menu.


Warm as the torch, is the service. Softly-voiced Olle introduces how should that eye-appealing délice be enjoyed as his tiny hands wave over some blossom-decorated fish.

A mouth-watering carte will neither disappoint the eye, nor the pocket or the tummy wait there among reduced seats in a lagom arena – a magical Swedish term for good enough, clean, comfortable, far from fancy – are there, to chill while the bustling street keeps flowing on the other side of the glass wall.


Recession-driven or not, I’m keen on tracking their strategy to handle success. A tough nut to crack is to stay true to what brought them there (the sustainable taste for the small-scale, relaxed pace and that stick to who and what you wanted to) once plunged in the spotlight, riding this fast-growth stage (word-of-mouth, free papers, bloggers… Almost everywhere, even decided to stay open on Sundays) hope is that they don’t miss their appeal because, as far as one can see, they got it right.

This is a post by the David Report contributor Claudia Muñiz García.

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