Twitter is on everybody’s (at least the journalist’s) minds these days in Sweden. You can read how someone became “friend” with Yoko Ono one day or started to follow Barack Obama the other. Probably a lot of you don’t care, but some of you are maybe interested but don’t understand why you should Twitter. For the latter group, above is a short introduction to the micro-blogging service Twitter by Common Craft. On a personal level, I think it is somewhat difficult to have time to add another “media channel” to the one I already have (blog, Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, telephone, sms, good old IRL talk etc etc) when it comes to the relationship with my friends. But if you have a spare minute here and there, give it a try.

Companies are jumping on the bandwagon as well. One recent is Apple who just started to communicate to their audience through this media. Through their Twitter account which has been active only for a few days you can find links to the latest teasers and trailers.

And yes, David Report is at Twitter as well.

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