Located in what was the French Quarter of London’s Soho, Kettner’s, is one of the oldest restaurants in London’s theatre land. It has recently got a new look by Ilse Crawford. I know I’m a bit late with the review but from the look of the restaurant I’m sure it will feel updated and inviting for many years to come. As always when Ilse Crawford has been involved, the place has an unmistakable touch of emotions and stories.


The thinh is that this revamp returns the venue to its original spirit. The design plays on its proximity to theatreland; some spaces with an ‘on stage’ feeling and others celebrating the thrills and spills of backstage. The essence of the new Kettner’s is ‘fresh, fun and French’, a thread that runs throughout the design, the graphics, the music, the uniforms and the food.

Kettner's by Ilse Crawford

By the way, here’s an old story about the place:

“What’s Kettners, anyway?” queried Mrs Tota: and I told her of the snug little restaurant buried away in Church st, which was first discovered by two well-known journalists, a restaurant of such individuality that when is was necessary to rebuild is a few years ago it was rebuilt as nearly as possible on the old lines, with its three or four pubic dining rooms below, and its network of passages and warren of little rooms above.” Diners and Dinners, by Lieutenant-Colonel Newnham-Davis, 1899

kettner's in Soho

Kettner's by Studioilse


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