In a few days the Stockholm Design Week starts with an interesting program. There are a lot of activities both at the Stockholm furniture fair and at dedicated showrooms, hotels, galleries etc all over town.

Of course my company Designboost will go there as well. We are busy planning a series of filmed interviews (or Boost casts as we prefer to call them) with interesting designers like Ilse Crawford, Monica Förster, Michael Young and Inga Sempe to mention a few. We are thinking of a simple and direct format; the same ten questions to each and every person. The theme for the questions is based on the “Long live the city” thinking around the sustainable city which we presented at Designboost in Malmö last October. In short – how can design help us create better cities and a better life?

Keep your eyes open on Thursday 5th February when the first of the Boost casts will be online at a dedicated Designboost Boost cast page.

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