KjellgrenKaminsky architects just presented a vision for Heden in city of Gothenburg. It’s a new multifunctional and sustainable Heden with parks, apartments, shops, offices and sports facilities.

After interviews with inhabitants in Gothenburg a conceptual vision of a new Heden has emerged:

“With a unique identity of sustainable densification the new town block Heden creates a vision of a garden block that connects green space, healthy lifestyle and pleasant surroundings to a modern living atmosphere.”


Heden of today is an open field in the middle of Gothenburg.


According to KjellgrenKaminsky it could be transformed into a green lung for the Gothenburgians.

This is how the architects see the future  sustainable Heden:

New Heden looks green from above. Even though denser developed it has a much greater biomass than its predecessor. Local cultivation of fruits and vegetables is a natural part of living in the area. Grass roofs and parks enrich the animal life and plant life and let nature become an integrated part of the city centre. They also absorb rain water that can be purified and reused as household water. The buildings are well insulated with low energy consumption. Since situated closely to existing public transportation the residents are not depending on cars in their daily life.

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